Caramelized Walnut Pear Salad

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A simple yet delightful and beautiful Caramelized Walnut Pear Salad. Just try not to eat all the walnuts before making the salad!

Caramelized Walnut Pear Salad

This post was originally published in June 2015 then updated in 2018. I have taken new photos and slightly altered the recipe. The blog post itself remains unchanged. 

You may or may not agree but in my book, there is something more essential and fascinating in a food blog than its recipes. Sure, posting recipes are its objective. But the way you introduce them – your style – it’s something that makes the difference. Furthermore, what kind of person you are, what kind of chef you are and how did you end up being a food blogger – that’s the really fascinating stuff to me! If you’re looking for a recipe, you can just grab a cooking book. If you’re looking for a story or feelings behind this recipe, you’re welcome to a food blog! That’s why I’ve decided to start a new series of posts called Revelations where I’m going to narrate about some my biographical facts (how did I start cooking), about what kind of chef am I (definitely I will disclose why it’s ‘havoc in the kitchen’), and even about some personal characteristics which determine who I am in life. So far, I’ve come up with 6 topics, but I think there will be about 10 or even more.

That’s surprising how one person could be different in their professional field and at home! Indeed, your education and profession could affect you or reflect your personality. That’s not happening in my case. Or that’s very deceiving.

For instance, my husband, being an auditor and accountant, acts the same way at home. He’s always working on calculating and analyzing our budget, collecting and organizing all the receipts, and controlling how many new kitchen props have I bought. Yup, such a demanding guy!

As for me, my field is related to records and archives, and thus, I’ve got to be accurate and organized. And I am. But only at work – I don’t know why. At home, some kind of an ongoing havoc is happening on my desk (sometimes around and under as well). A little disaster often happens in our closet. I keep telling it’s so because I don’t have enough clothes to wear, but I’ve got a feeling that’s not the solid argument. No, I DO love the nice ambiance and all the things kept nicely and according to their order, and I regularly care about that. I just don’t know how this disorder happens, just in no time. Perhaps, I’m experiencing blackouts.

And now the kitchen, with cooking and all my props for food photography. You should understand I’m quite exaggerating, but that’s around the truth. That’s going to be another post next time though (oh, spoiler!)

I’d like to concentrate on the issue of time. Being always precise with all my deadlines at work, I have a really hectic life in the kitchen and being procrastinating at the same time. I can plan to make a dish for a long time and then, all of the sudden, get my plans changed. Or I can have a kick on a particular food and, as a result, postpone incorporating and skip some lovely seasonal things, and this is quite sad, honestly.

For example, last year I almost screwed the season of rhubarb. Even though we had been having it in the garden since mid of May, I made the first serious dish using it only in July (it was a salad dressing). The way too late. That wasn’t the right feeling either since I had asked my husband to grow it but wasn’t fully enjoying the results of his work. The same thing happened to some edible flowers which we had been having since June, but I managed to start using them only in August when they almost began to wilt. It was a bit different issue – I just wasn’t sure where I could incorporate them.  Anyways, I do regret to have missed them as well.

I’ll be much better this summer. I will definitely be oblivious of using some seasonal produce, but that won’t be happening with rhubarb and edible flowers. That’s already the better version of me. We can’t be always impeccable anyways, right?

This summer we’ve got a colossal amount of comestible flowers. I have personally searched the Internet, and provided Andrew with a large list of those flowers I would love to see. I’m so happy now he didn’t find all of them but only 4 kinds because I don’t know what to do with all these blossoming beauties (right now we are having two of them and the next two are about to start blossoming):)

But if seriously, edible flowers are the great way to spruce up even a simple salad or any other dish! Often not having any strong flavors, they introduce a lot of vibrant colors and make any dish look the way better. And don’t forget that you can make only one salad over and over just garnishing it with the different flowers and saying every time it is a totally different one. Legit, right?

So, don’t put off using some gorgeous flowers in all your meals. In a meanwhile, I will be helping you with some ways to incorporate them.

Here we go – a simple yet lovely salad with pears, walnuts, and pansies. I was going to add some goat cheese, but that never happened. Go for it -goat cheese, feta or even some blue cheese will be the great addition.

What’s your favorite way of using edible flowers, folks?

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10 thoughts on “Caramelized Walnut Pear Salad

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    I am Loving this “revelations”serie, Ben!! Such a wonderful idea! I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog and their story. I certainly can’t wait to hear more of yours! My style is organized chaos, so we are kind of close in that aspect of being ;)

    On to this salad.. talk about breathtakingly beautiful and a perfect representation of what spring-summer should be.. and look like on a plate! Those edible flowers!? OMG, yes, yes, YES!!! Wonderful post, my dear friend! Warm wishes to you and your honey for a wonderful weekend!!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Garlic & Rosemary Chicken Skewers {with Lemon Aioli} #NSNThrill4UrGrillMy Profile

  2. Beth says:

    Sometimes I have the opposite problem.. I am wanting to make a recipe that calls for a seasonal produce that isn’t quite in season yet! I also constantly google “seasonal fruits for ______” because I am always forgetting when certain things are in season!
    Beth recently posted…Pineapple CookiesMy Profile

  3. shashi at runninsrilankan says:

    The only edible flower I’ve played with (in the kitchen) so far has been banana flowers – which probably don’t count. The pansies in this make this simple salad look exquisite – and so colorful!
    I also happen to LURVE the idea behind your Revelations series! I can relate to your kitchen chaos – because mine is very similar – but, if you saw my desk at work, you wouldn’t think my desk and my kitchen had the same occupant/owner/chaos-maker!
    shashi at runninsrilankan recently posted…Almond Turkey BurgersMy Profile

  4. spicedblog says:

    It is really interesting to get to know the people behind some of my favorite food blogs! We all have unique stories and backgrounds because, let’s be honest here, no one sets out as a kid to become a food blogger. But we all end up in the same place, and I love meeting so many unique people out here in the blogosphere! Oh, and I am loving these edible flowers. I’ve never really played around with edible flowers, but they look so incredible on your salad. Well done!
    spicedblog recently posted…Meat Lover’s PizzaMy Profile

  5. petitgourmetsd says:

    Love this! it’s like we are sipping tea together, chatting and having so much fun, can’t wait to get the following number of this series! Have never tried edible flowers, but it’s in my list. I will be on a great road trip from San Francisco to Seattle! and plan on tasting new things and visiting new food places maybe next summer will be coming your way, last year we did a road trip from Vancouver to Calgary!
    petitgourmetsd recently posted…Saifun NoodlesMy Profile

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