Brussels Sprouts Bacon Mash

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Brussels Sprouts Mash with lemon thyme and crispy chicken bacon? Sounds quite delicious, right? That’s a great alternative to your Thanksgiving festive menu.

Brussels Sprouts Mash

This post was originally published in September 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos. I have also altered the recipe by adding the Option #2. This version is healthier than the first one as I dramatically reduced the amount of fat. I also made maple flavor bacon this time. The blog post itself remains unchanged. 

But believe it or not, this dish didn’t mean to be. Originally, I was planning to make zucchini noodles with a brussels sprouts sauce and the chicken bacon. However, soon after I started cooking the Brussels sprouts, and the flavors started to appear, I came to realize I needed to change the concept.

It had to be an all-star of our meal.

Brussels Sprouts Mash sounded right for me.

I had some chicken breasts in the refrigerator so I poached them in boiling water with a mixture of the spices. I might have thrown the all different kinds of spices and dry herbs so I won’t be counting them. The chicken was moist and nice.

As for the Brussels Sprouts Mash, there’s nothing complicated. One pan. Brussels sprouts. Olive oil, cream, and butter for a rich and velvety consistency. Finally, garlic, lemon thyme, and smoked paprika to jazz that up. And some chicken bacon for a texture and additional smoked flavor. And because it’s bacon. We don’t need a reason to incorporate some bacon, do we?

Now imagine this deliciousness! Smooth, fluffy, rich, and buttery mash, with the distinctive predominant sprout flavor and the herbal flavor in the background. Besides, the bacon. Did I mention it?

That’s heaven, my friends. I could have eaten the entire plate. No chicken needed. Such a shame I needed to share.

With a Thanksgiving day on the corner in Canada (and coming later on in the USA), this Brussels Sprouts Mash could be a great option for your side dish.

So, if you have already started planning your Thanksgiving menu, there’s great news, friends! I’ve just helped you to opt one of your sides:) Sounds presumptuous?

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  1. David @ Spiced says:

    Mashed Brussels, eh? I thought I’d heard of everything…until now! We love our Brussels around here, and I’ve roasted them, grilled them, broiled them, etc. But never turned them into mashed Brussels. I might need this to happen soon. I bet they’d be great as a dip with tortilla chips!
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