Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini

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These Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini are delicious and fancy appetizers for any occasion. Certainly, they would be a nice addition to your holiday menu.

Hey everyone! The question of the day. How to eat all the Christmas cookies and drink all the eggnog, but don’t put on more than 1-2 pounds? From my past experience, it is nearly impossible. I mean, if you’re in a good shape, those few pounds won’t be a problem for you. However, I’ve been successfully fighting my excessive weight for a few years now, and certainly, I don’t like any regress.

Certainly, “indulging yourself but being moderate” is an amazing piece of advice, but let’s be honest: how many of you can say this always works for them? You simply cannot bake and eat only 4 cookies.

I am just wondering. There are people who have a tradition to make cookies every single day starting December 1st. How do they manage this? Do they eat all? Do they bring them to their work or make edible gifts? Do they sell them? Do they have a personal Santa in their household, and they feed him? Do they throw them out after taking pictures? I need the answers!

Anyway, having posted some sweet treats like these Pignoli Cookies and these Gingerbread Nanaimo Bars, it’s the time for something savory.

Not precisely, though as the Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini are both sweet and savory.

Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini

In fact, I need to share the credit as two people inspired me. First Marissa shared the recipe for Brie Crostini with Cherry Preserves and then Katherine posted the idea of brie baked with cranberries. Since I was thinking of some festive appetizers, that was the win-win.

I immediately thought of crostini with brie or camembert, nuts, rosemary, and cranberry jam. It’s hard to find cranberry preserves, so I headed to Ikea food department. Turned out they Ikea doesn’t produce cranberry jam, thus I ended up buying a few jars of lingonberry jam.

If you’re not living in Northern Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries, you might not be quite familiar with lingonberries. They are similar to cranberries but not as tart. Combines with brie, walnuts, and rosemary, this is a divine combo!

Wait. You might wonder why did I need more than one jar of this jam? Well, what can I say? Stay tuned!

And while waiting for my other ideas, please make these Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini, and make this season full of joy!

8 thoughts on “Brie Lingonberry Jam Crostini

  1. Laura says:

    Ben, these sound so perfect! Anything sweet and savory is always a favorite for me! I think I saw lingonberry jam at my local market, and you’ve given me a reason to try it! As for eating all of the cookies – I’m totally an “everything in moderation” person, which starts with not eating while I bake. I’ve had a lot of practice. It starts with “Just say NO to the dough”. And decide before baking how many I will eat. I admit this plan doesn’t always work.

  2. Marissa says:

    aww, Ben. I’m so touched, thank you!! And your crostini look incredibly delicious – the addition of rosemary is genius. And like Katherine, I’ve never had lingonberry jam – now I’m on the hunt to find it!

  3. says:

    I was reading your recipe wondering where I would get lingonberry jam. Ikea you say? Of course, I completely
    forgot about their excellent food department. I need to pay a visit there soon just to check it out again. I’m loving the idea of me serving these mid morning on Christmas day, you know between courses of gin, wine, mince pies and Christmas cake. I know a few pounds will go on over the Christmas period Ben, I’ll just have to work hard at the gym in January to get rid of them. But that’s January. Now is the time to indulge. LOL

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    My grandfather was Swedish so I know lingonberries well. I love the idea of pairing them with brie on some crostini! These look just delicious. And I hear you on the Christmas weight gain. I’m pretty good at moderation right up to Christmas Eve, then everything goes out the window and I can’t stop myself from eating way too many cookies and too many delicious cheesy appetizers. I just make sure to get in a few long walks in between cookie binges and that seems to help :). Have a great weekend, my friend!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Oh, I love a good brie…especially when served up on crostini like this! I can’t say that I’ve ever had lingonberries, but there’s a first time for everything right? I mean I like pretty much every other berry out there! As far as all of those cookies, Laura’s coworkers and the curling club are my two sources for all of the extras…without those, I don’t know what I would do! Of course, if you ever find yourself in a predicament, you can always send me the extras. See, problem solved! :-) Great appetizer here, Ben!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Gluten Free Vanilla Pecan Snowball CookiesMy Profile

  6. Katherine | Love In My Oven says:

    Aw, glad I could provide some inspiration Ben!! You know I love brie – and you’ve certainly done it justice here!! I do NOT know how to avoid over-indulging during the holidays…especially as a food blogger! We HAVE to make all of these delicious recipes, and HAVE to eat it all, right!? If you come up with some tips, please share. Otherwise, I’ll just mix up all of the sweets with some of these amazing looking crostini. I’ve never had lingonberry jam, and now I’m dying to try!!

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