Blood Orange Sorbet {Recipe for Ice Cream Maker}

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DSCN2647You may be surprised right now. Sorbet. When it’s still rather mmm…refreshing outside? And in some parts of the World is even snowing?!


I’ve got to confess.

In our family there is always time and place for some ice cream (let’s be honest – ice cream goes before any kind of sorbet). We can eat it all year round. And believe me or not, we do that. We are good in that, in fact.


Plus, this is absolutely seasonal stuff.┬áLet’s be reasonably honest again – is it possible to buy some of these beautiful citruses in summer? So, this sorbet is a must try right now.


Look at this gorgeous and deep color!

Now imagine the way it tastes. Tart and sweet at the same time. It has got much more sophisticated flavor than any other orange sorbet.


Do you need any other reasons to believe me?

I’ve got even two. This dessert could be considered as a healthy option. Actually I used only fresh orange juice plus some powdered sugar, so it is quite healthy. Lastly, it’s easy to make. A piece of cake. And a scoop of ice cream. There is no a recipe indeed – just mix two ingredients and put them in an ice cream maker. I didn’t bother making any syrup since it was not necessary at all. Well If you haven’t got an ice cream maker, this process, I believe, should be slightly different. So, if you are interested in that, let me know and we figure it out.


I hope I was able to egg you on to give this a try!




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