Blood Orange Crêpes

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Do you like crêpes? What about the season of blood oranges? Why not combine two things?! Try these luscious Blood Orange Crêpes!

This post was originally published in April 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos and slightly adjusted the recipe while the blog post itself remained the same. 

Is it too late to post another blood orange recipe yet?

In our grocery stores, we are almost run out of them, but I am kind of hoping you are still having some lovely and succulent oranges. Well, if you don’t find any of them now, promise me it will be the first recipe to try next season. Promise?

Honestly, I was going to post this recipe a few weeks back, but I didn’t have a choice but wait. Are you wondering why?

That’s about my props. Even though I’ve got not the bad collection of the tableware and other essential stuff, I figured out I had been using the particular plate over and over recently. This blue. It’s the beautiful one, isn’t it? The worse thing I discovered, I had been posting a few recipes in a row featuring this plate. As the result, they all had been displaying at the same time on the main page. That’s not nice to have one plate on display, right?

I am not needy!

Or I am?

Anyways, I often feel that way.

Exactly, I desperately need some shopping! Immediately!

As you see, not only do I have kicks on a particular food but also on some props.

But I’ve got no time to wait but to post these Blood Orange Crêpes and officially wrap this season up. They are gorgeous. Oh, I’ve already told that. What other adjectives do we have? They are scrumptious, sumptuous, succulent, and luscious. Submerged in this rich and flavorful sauce, they are so juicy and almost melting-in-your-mouth! We just devoured them.

I didn’t have all-purpose flour and used the whole one. As the result, the crepes didn’t turn out that lacy and delicate but still very good. Plus, I almost never use milk for crepes batter, but you can fully or partially substitute water for milk.

So, it’s an official farewell to the blood orange season. As the bonus, I am posting the pictures of Blood Orange Donuts and Blood Orange Lemonade which I am not going to post.

3 thoughts on “Blood Orange Crêpes

  1. cheyholzworth says:

    Ben, It is completely acceptable to use the same plate over and over again when your photography is this gorgeous :) I LOVE blood oranges and combined with these crepes? Sounds magically delicious :) Cheers, buddy

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