Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Pizza

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With Valentine’s day around the corner, this Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Pizza might be a nice choice for your celebration.

Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Pizza

Hey, friends! How’re you doing? Can you believe the first month of 2018 is almost over? I have not fully got used to the idea of living in the year of 2018 yet, and now the calendar is saying it is time to move to February? Well, with the time going so fast, we will face another Christmas season soon. Certainly, I am exaggerating a bit. Being the food bloggers, we will celebrate some of amazing holidays and days with seriously delicious food.

I believe this Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Pizza would be a nice choice for upcoming Valentine’s day. It is delicious, sophisticated, and impressively looking. It doesn’t have any garlic or onions which ain’t the most romantic ingredients – well you can say the same about blue cheese :) Importantly, it doesn’t require much time to make (If you bake the beetroots in advance).

As you know, I am currently posting recipes which were developed and photographed in November and December, and this pizza is from that time frames. Definitely, I am working on a few new ideas as well, so I might interrupt this list to post some new recipes. Also, you can find some other festive ideas from the blog’s archives. They are pretty delicious and pretty pink :)

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You see, there are plenty of ideas on this blog, and you’re welcome to try some of them while waiting for new recipes. Or you can just make this Beetroot Brie Blue Cheese Naan Pizza.

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  1. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    This has Valentine’s Day written all over it! (And I can’t believe we’re actually talking about February right now. . .) Blue cheese might not be the most romantic ingredient that ever there was but it’s delicious so really who cares? Hope you’re having a great week, my friend!

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