Apple Sage Pork Stew

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Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Apples, apples. Apples are everywhere!

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Yup, while some people have already done with their apple season and tackled the pumpkin one, I’m still enjoying these beautiful apples. There’s a good chance that I’ll be posting my apple recipes in December instead of the Christmas stuff #WhatANightmare!

As you might know, we pick up some lovely beautiful apples on farms every fall. This time, that has already happened twice, but I may still need some more.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Indeed, apple orchards are not only about picking the apples (surprise!) – it’s a nice fall activity.

That’s why we never stop by the nearest apple farms. We choose only those located at least one hour drive from our home. Just imagine this: nice weather, relatively slow driving (highways are ignored), compact cute villages, gorgeous views, and foliage. You’re relaxed and enjoying.

All right, let’s be honest. I’m relaxing and enjoying while Andrew is driving:) But don’t you worry for him – he still manages to look around when it’s safe.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

There’s another rule: we never visit one orchard twice. But we keep our rating of the best farms. There are the dozens (if not hundreds!) of orchards in Ontario, so that’s quite enough for a few decades. When we visit all the orchards, we’ll move to another province, haha.

So as you may assume, we’ve been having quite a lot of apples lately.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

I’ve made some delicious things such as this Chicken Apple Pecan Salad or these Lavender Honey Baked Apples. But I am almost begging you to stay tuned since there are a lot of good things will be happening soon.

They might be as good as this Apple Sage Pork Stew.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Few weeks back…

Wait! I see some of you are baffled! Oh boy, there are two other folks to have choked with their sandwiches. There’s another person fell off the chair having heard this world (Sorry, Chey!) Pork.

Yes, pork. Even though 90% of our proteins are chicken and fish, there’s still a room to eat something different. But I’ve got to accept that something wrong is happening. Last year I made pork…never. For the last couple of years, I’ve made it once or twice.

However, this year we’ve had it already 3 times. Remember this Rhubarb Pork?

And now this succulent delicious Apple Sage Pork Stew.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Wait, there’s the third promised dish, you may ask me? It hasn’t been posted yet, but this is about to happen as well.

But there’s a hint. That week we bought 2 pounds of the pork, and I decided to divide it in order to make two different dishes. In one I incorporated the apples and in the second one…stay tuned, though. But it was a fall version as well!

Should I notice that we had two pork days in a row or that would be too dangerous for you?

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

Oh boy, this Apple Sage Pork Stew was the winner! Tender, melt-in-your-mouth, and so delicious. It didn’t have a strong apple flavor, but it had the beautiful semi-tart flavors in the background. You might be surprised that I added the cardamom and corianser. Basically, I was experimenting, and I though these spices would work. And indeed they did work, especially the cardamom. Comfort fall meal.

Apple Sage Pork Stew |

I decided to make it a little fancy, so I served the stew with the caramelized apples and pecans. Just to have a nice additional contrast of the textures and flavors. And sure this potato and celery root mash is a good old classic. Not to forget the cauliflower. Creamy, rich and fluffy, it’s perfectly paired with the apples and pork. It’s so delicious that I could easily eat it as the main dish.

But needless to say, it’s much better with the Apple Sage Pork Stew.

That’s another comfort fall meal, my friends.

But enough about this recipe. What about you, friends? Have you ever paired pork with fruit? What kinds? Should I try a combo of pork and lavender? And the most important one, aren’t you concern about me making too much pork recipes?:)

Apple Sage Pork Stew |





22 thoughts on “Apple Sage Pork Stew

  1. Kevin | Keviniscooking says:

    Pork and fruits work so well, especially stone fruits and of course APPLE!
    The plating of this is stellar, so beautiful Ben! I love the potato, celery root and cauliflower mash.
    Pork is big around our house, probably the primary meat, then chicken and fish. Beef has been way off for a while now. The sage, cardamom introduced sounds rather tasty. Well done!
    Kevin | Keviniscooking recently posted…Savory Egg CloudsMy Profile

  2. Jeff the Chef says:

    Pork pairs beautifully with so many fruits: cranberries, apricots, pears … but I love it with apple. I’m planning to make pork tenderloin with a cider reduction this week, but your stew is tempting me in another direction. It looks so delicious!
    Jeff the Chef recently posted…Krusteaz Pumpkin MixesMy Profile

  3. annie@ciaochowbambina says:

    Is there such a thing as too many pork recipes? I think not. Especially when they’re as pretty and delectable as this! I love everything about it! So much so…I’m working on a beauty of a recipe with pork and apples and all sorts of fun stuff myself… Keep ’em comin’! Nice shot in the orchard!
    annie@ciaochowbambina recently posted…Couscous Panzanella SaladMy Profile

  4. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Lucky for me, I prepared myself this time I visited your site. I installed a seat belt into my office chair. :) I am loving that you are cooking and posting things unexpected, Ben! Because they are ALL fabulous! Great minds must think alike, because I just made a pork and apple dish for NSN (soon to be posted). I’m with you on the apple season until January! I love apples, and I LOVE this stew! Apples, pork, sage.. say no more. Simply hand me a shovel so I can devour this deliciousness! LOVES IT! P.s You look super fashionable and handsome in that pic! YESSS to scarves! XO
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Lox & Everything Hummus {Plus- How to Cook Chickpeas in the Slow Cooker}My Profile

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