Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini

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Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini with honey, oregano, and pumpkin seeds for the times when you need a quick and delicious snack or even an entire meal.

Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini

Hello, everyone. Happy Monday or what? I know your feeling, but I hope the Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini might fix your mood. These crostini bring a lot of flavor and texture. Also, although many people associate bruschetta and crostini with summer, this recipe is a good example that you can enjoy it all year round (Don’t forget to check out these Spiced Maple Apple Crostini too.)

The idea is super simple. The flavour? The flavour game is strong. Lightly toasted baguette, cream cheese, crisp sweet&tart apple slices, a slice of prosciutto, a drizzle of honey, finished with pumpkin seeds and brie. Then this goodness goes into the oven for a minute or so. The result? The prosciutto turning slightly crispy and the brie all melted and gooey. Drizzle with a little more honey, if desired, before serving, and everyone will thank you.

Oh boy, I’m hungry now. And you?

Also, there’s one problem, my friends. I’ve been very inspired, and I’ve been cooking a lot for the last two weeks. Result? I have ended up having 8 new autumn recipes and photos to update six old recipes. Considering that the period before the Christmas season is relatively short (I normally start shooting by the end of November), I probably need to slow down. Perhaps, even stop. Otherwise, I will need to cancel Christmas, and you won’t be happy about me turning into the Grinch, right?

Will see. After all, there are two beautiful months to share all the delicious and colorful food. And trust me, while the Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini might not be the most exciting idea, there would be a lot of recipes I am pumped to share with you soon.

Cheers for now.


3 thoughts on “Apple Prosciutto Brie Crostini

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    Wait. Christmas is cancelled this year? I’m going to let you deliver that news to Robbie, Ben. Have fun with that one! But in the meantime, I can totally get behind these crostini. You’re right that we typically make more bruschetta and crostini in the summer using fresh tomatoes, but this Autumn version is quite fun. We have plenty of apples right now, and the crispy prosciutto on top sounds excellent!!

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