Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad

This refreshing and utterly delicious sweet & savory Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad is served in a watermelon bowl, and it’s a fun way to enjoy a meal with a company (or all by yourself).

Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad

Hello, everyone. I will keep it short and simple this time (And another post which will appear in the mid of week). First of all, we are having a week off, so I’d like to spend less time blogging this week. Afterall, I need a little time before I start brainstorming apple and pumpkin ideas (But no worries – you won’t see any apple and pumpkin recipes for 3 weeks at least). Also, it’s been unbearably hot for the last couple of days again. Honestly, I thought we were done with this heat, but tomorrow it’s going to be 32 degrees C…with a humidex over 42 degrees C. Seriously?

We all need something light and refreshing. Like this Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad.

I discovered a watermelon salad in 2010, my very first one was similar to what I am presenting today (Of course it didn’t look that nice). By similar I mean it was served in a watermelon cup – clearly, I don’t remember all the ingredients. Since that, I eat a watermelon salad at least once every year! I actually don’t need to combine it with anything else – I can literally live on exclusively watermelon for days.

I’ve never made a salad in a watermelon cup since 2010. While I do love the presentation, practically it’s not the best way to enjoy your salad. Give me a huge bowl, and I’ll be a happy man. Also, the only one time Andrey had a watermelon salad, was back in 2010. He claims he isn’t a fan. He has tried a melon salad with feta and prosciutto recently though, and he told it was delicious (But only because of the meat).

I wanted to buy a mini watermelon for this recipe, but when I saw they had the same price as an average watermelon, I changed my mind. And I am not embarrassed to report I was enjoying this Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad all by myself (But if you are concerned – nope, I didn’t finish it up in one setting).

Cheers for now.

Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad

Category: Salad


  • 1 average (about 11 lb) or smaller watermelon, chilled - Make sure it has a flat side to rest on
  • feta, crumbled
  • pumpkin seeds, toasted
  • fresh thyme and mint
  • a little bit of honey
  • other good toppings you can use: sunflower seeds, pistachios, pine nuts, jamon, prosciutto, olives, goat cheese, olive oil, oregano, basil, marjoram.


  1. Start by cutting the top third of the melon off. Scoop out the flesh using a spoon, ice cream scoop spoon or just a knife. I made large balls, but feel free to make smaller pieces.
  2. Generously sprinkle with fresh thyme or other herbs. Return to a watermelon bawl and sprinkle with the feta, pumpkin seeds, mint. Drizzle with a little of honey and (or) olive oil if desired.
  3. Enjoy.





6 thoughts on “Watermelon Feta Pumpkin Seeds Salad

  1. What a great idea to serve your salad in a watermelon bowl. Keeping it fresh and cool at the same time. And that feta cheese and watermelon together, that’s a lovely pairing! Enjoy your time off Ben. I’m so looking forward to taking my two weeks off blogging from Saturday. It just feels like this year has been relentless. Speak soon!

  2. Ben, this is a gorgeous salad! I love the idea of feta cheese with watermelon! We still have so many watermelons in the grocery, I may just have to get one for this salad! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. How cute is that watermelon bowl? I never would have thought to do that! Watermelon salad is so delicious and while I’m not sure I could live exclusively on watermelon for any period of time, I could certainly enjoy this salad any day. Have a great week, Ben!

  4. I love the idea of serving this salad in a watermelon bowl! But you’re right…those tiny watermelons in the store are so expensive. I would’ve done the same thing as you and had plenty of extra watermelon! And this is such an easy salad to make, too. I agree with you about the weather…I thought we were done with this heat and humidity, but I see that this week’s forecast is supposed to be downright nasty. Hang in there, my friend. Fall (and PUMPKIN SEASON) is coming! :-)
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