Tomato Bread Basil Salad

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Tomato Bread Basil Salad |

All right. It’s official. Summer is almost over.

Officially, in some countries including Canada it finishes on September, 23 this year. I’m super excited not to live in Russia anymore where summer ends on September, 1. Actually in the area I used to live it lasts somewhere between the beginning and the end of July.

12 days more! Does that sound fantastic?

Tomato Bread Basil Salad |

However, some my favorite food bloggers have started posting their fabulous fall recipes #hateyouguys #loveyouguys.

Indeed, I love fall. It’s an absolutely gorgeous season here in Ontario. Usually, it’s still very warm and nice so I’m not putting my shorts away yet.

Besides, fall is packed with some amazing activities such as picking apples and pumpkins on a farm. What could be better, eh? Exactly! Making delicious and comfort apple and pumpkin food! #superpumpedagain

Tomato Bread Basil Salad |

But that’s too early to talk about that on my blog. I’ve already started thinking about my fall food endeavours, but I am not done with some summer stuff yet. You may remember I was panicking few times about the summer recipes I would not manage to post. For example, here. And here too. Surprisingly, I’ve been doing quite well recently having published most of the accumulated photographs.

Unfortunately, I screwed up some good stuff because I had been waiting too long. That long that some seasonal fruit gone. I don’t think there’s any reason to publish the recipe for an apricot salad right now. That might be the first recipe to post next June, haha.

Tomato Bread Basil Salad |

But there are still a lot of good things happening now such as peaches, watermelons, and plums.

And sure tomatoes. Juicy, sweet, and still delicious – not that artificial stuff you could buy in winter!

First, I was dubious about sharing this salad recipe. There’s nothing creative and interesting about it. Plus, who doesn’t now Panzanella Salad and the similar tomato bread salads? On the other hand, this Tomato Bread Basil Salad is so delicious that I just cannot resist but sharing it here. Moreover, not only does Havoc In The Kitchen provides you with some tasty recipes, but it also works as a catalogue for myself.

There’s something unique in a combo of tomatoes, bread, and basil generously drizzled soaked in the mixture of olive oil and balsamic. Simple, hearty, and flavorful.

Tomato Bread Basil Salad |

So, guys, there’s my advice. Don’t waste last summer days. Grab some juicy colorful tomatoes, fragrant basil, and hearty bread, and make this Tomato Bread Basil Salad. Fall will wait.

And what about you, folks? Are you ready to say ‘goodbye’ to the summer or you’re still having the summer mood? Have you already started thinking about the food you would be making this fall? And about Christmas?:)

Tomato Bread Basil Salad |




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  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    I’m all about lovin on summer for as long as humanly possible… and probably well beyond that! Panzanella is one of my favs (I feel like that is a duhhhh statement)! Yours looks fabulous Ben (of course!)! Another winner winner, flavorful salad dinner! I can always count on you to deliver the salad yummmmms! Loves it! Cheers, buddy and happy weekend! <3
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Grilled Cauliflower Steaks & Scallions with Romesco SauceMy Profile

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