Zucchini Chicken Ricotta Pizza

Zucchini Chicken Ricotta Pizza | Havocinthekitchen.com

Few weeks back we’re visiting our friends in one lovely small city on the lake Huron. Usually, If I have some free time, I make some kind of a baked dessert. Something which easily survive a three-hour car trip. However, this summer I’m not baking any desserts (with a few exceptions, haha) so my plans had to be altered. 

What about pizza? Why not? Who doesn’t love pizza, right? For breakfast, that could be a great thing to bring.  Continue reading “Zucchini Chicken Ricotta Pizza”

Zucchini Watercress Soup

Zucchini Watercress Soup | Havocinthekitchen.com

I believe every person passionate about cooking has at least a few stories from their background when an originally planned dish was transformed into something absolutely unexpected. Righ? That often happens to me, and this Zucchini Watercress Soup is a new example.

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