Zucchini Watercress Soup

Zucchini Watercress Soup | Havocinthekitchen.com

I believe every person passionate about cooking has at least a few stories from their background when an originally planned dish was transformed into something absolutely unexpected. Righ? That often happens to me, and this Zucchini Watercress Soup is a new example.

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Chicken, Grapes and Feta Salad

Chicken, Grapes and Feta Salad
Perhaps it’s hard to believe but most of our meals (and by “meals” I’m talking about dinners and sometimes lunches) are salads. Yes, salads, delicious, refreshing, satisfying and sometimes outstanding. We often cook some veggies, especially when it’s cold outside as well, but they are pretty much the same idea. If you back to this blog in a year, you’ll probably find 100 salad recipes or even 102. Don’t wait that long though – I’m happy to see you every day.

Why salads?

It’s just the perfect option for both of us.

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