Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad

This Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad with prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes is another way to enjoy a good pasta salad.

Hello, my friends. Can you believe it’s June already? The unofficial summer start has already begun. It is only 3 weeks till official summer. However, the current situation in our area looks like our summer will arrive in 12 months ha-ha. Well, I am not losing my optimism. As a matter of fact, I’ve brought you a perfect summer dish, this Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad.

I must admit I am a huge fan of a good pasta salad. I must also admit I don’t like those salads where ingredients are drowned in a mayo dressing. I am not totally against a mayo dressing, but it should be just a little hint. Personally, I almost never use a heavy dressing and instead I just generously drizzle a pasta salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. In most situations, that’s all you need!

In this recipe, I used oil from smoked oysters which has a lot of flavours. Creamy avocado, aromatic and chewy sun-dried tomatoes, salty prosciutto, robust arugula, and black olives give this salad a strong profile of textures and flavours.

I wouldn’t probably recommend making it ahead as the smoky flavours could become way too overpowering. Probably, it is not a great idea to take it for a picnic either due to the same reason (Plus heat). However, if you make this Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad and enjoy it right away for your summer meal in your backyard – I am very positive it won’t disappoint you.

And trust me: no mayo dressing is needed.

Cheers for now.

Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad

Category: Salad


  • 1 cup dried pasta (small size like farfalle)
  • 2 (80 gr each) smoked oysters (or mussels), mostly drained
  • 1 – 1,.5 cups arugula
  • 4 tbsp. sun-drained tomatoes, well drained
  • 1 large avocado, peel and cubed
  • 1/2 cup olives, halved
  • 2-4 slices of prosciutto (about 40-50 gr.)
  • a pinch of black pepper


  1. Cook pasta in salted boiling water until al dente. Drain and rinse under cold water. Drain.
  2. Remove the excess oil from the smoked oysters (mussels) but not completely.
  3. Slice the prosciutto finely and cook in a pan (without oil) for 2-3 minutes, until crisp.
  4. Combine the pasta, oysters, tomatoes, avocado, and olives. Season with a little of pepper. You can serve immediately or chill for 20-30 minutes to allow flavours to develop and mingle.
  5. Just before serving stir in the arugula and sprinkle with the prosciutto.
  6. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Smoked Oyster Pasta Salad

  1. I totally agree with you about pasta salads that are drowned in mayo. Blech. I mean I do like mayo in some pasta salads, but I don’t want mayo to be the main ingredient. This pasta salad sounds quite tasty and different, Ben! In fact, I love the addition of prosciutto and arugula here. What a fun salad for summer…I’m hoping it arrives in your area soon! :-)
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