Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad

Succulent herbaceous chicken, plums sautéed in honey, fresh rosemary, and mustard, and toasted hazelnuts result in this delicious Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad.

Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad

As some of you probably noticed, I’ve been busy with one exciting project this year. I’ve been updating photos to my old posts. So far, I have updated about 20 recipes (I hope my current mood and style stay with me for a while at least as these projects are time-consuming).

I am that kind of cook who rarely repeats one dish. Also, I extremely rarely make the same dish within one year (Unless Andrey starts begging me). Having said that, I love this project for the opportunity to eat some food once again.

Besides, when you’re trying to limit yourself in carbs and sugars, it’s a solid excuse to bake some donuts. Afterall, that’s not for my joy. Sometimes you need to sacrifice your diet for your blog and readers, right?

On the other hand, it’s strange to come back to the texts written two-three years ago. Some of them most of them look ludicrous now. I know that our perspective on life changes with years, but this understanding doesn’t help much when you see those naive texts.

Sometimes I tweak old recipes because I don’t normally make the same dish exactly like before.

A couple of weeks ago I was going to make this Roasted Plum Chicken Salad. I was going to make a few changes such as adding nuts and treating the chicken slightly different. Then I thought I would like to cook the plums differently too. I also incorporated more flavor by adding smoked paprika, tarragon mustard, and garlic powder. Spinach instead of arugula. I even switched my favorite combination of olive oil and butter for coconut oil for a healthy version.

Hmmm…What’d left from the old recipe? Good question. I always tell people that my salads are just some ideas which can be easily adjusted to someone’s taste. But in this case, I decided it would be easier to post a new recipe rather than make all these changes. Am I smart? :)

Please enjoy this old (new) Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad.



Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad

Category: Salad

Servings: 2


  • 1 tsp coconut oil (or olive oil or butter)
  • 2 small/medium chicken breasts, thickly sliced
  • smoked paprika, a good pinch
  • dried herbs de Provence, a good pinch
  • garlic powder, a little pinch
  • 3-4 large plums, firm but ripe, pitted and cut in 3-4 parts
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. mustard (I used tarragon)
  • 1/2 tsp. chopped fresh rosemary
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/4 cup toasted hazelnuts
  • 1/4 cup feta, crumbled.


  1. Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium heat. Place the chicken and sear for about 2 minutes from each side, until lightly golden.
  2. Decrease heat to low medium. Season, cover, and continue cooking for about 7 minutes, flipping occasionally until cooked through.
  3. Add the plums and rosemary and cook 1 minute.
  4. Add the honey and mustard, mix and saute for 3-5 minutes depending on softness of plums. Once cooked, they should be soft but not too mushy; they will also release some of their delicious juice.
  5. Off heat and let stand in the pan for another 5 minutes.
  6. Divide the spinach between plates. Top with the chicken and plums (don't forget some delicious sauce), and sprinkle with feta and hazelnuts.
  7. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Plum Chicken Hazelnut Salad

  1. I’m totally with you there Ben in terms of how long it takes to update old posts with new photographs. AND still keep posting new recipes too. It’s so time consuming. And reading what we’ve written a couple of years ago too. Bleh! Usually when I read what I wrote, it makes me want to throw up. LOL. But well done on you for making a superb new recipe out of what you thought was just going to be an update of the photographs. This looks delicious!

  2. I agree with you about old posts, Ben. Whenever I go way back in the archives, I just cringe. Sometimes I update the photos, but at the very least I’ve been trying to update the post to make them just slightly better. We’ve learned so much since we started blogging! But switching gears to this salad, it sounds delicious! I can see why you were excited to remake this one…and I like the updated changes! The herbaceous chicken sounds delicious!

  3. We’re in the same boat, Ben! I’ve been spending a ton of time updating old posts…and next year I’ll probably be unhappy with the photos I think are just fine now. The cycle of food blogging I suppose. ;)

    This salad sounds wonderful. Oregon is famous for its hazelnuts and I’m always looking for ways to enjoy them. Putting this on our menu!
    Marissa recently posted…Skillet PotatoesMy Profile

  4. I’m in the process of going through old posts to re-photograph too, and it’s painful looking at those old pics! But I’m also enjoying snacking on some delicious food I’d forgotten about :). I love the sound of this salad–I’m not sure I’ve ever had plums and hazelnuts together before but it sounds like a great combo. Have a great weekend!

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