Panettone Christmas Pudding

This rich and decadent Panettone Christmas Pudding with orange marmalade and dark chocolate is a perfect way to enjoy your lazy Christmas brunch.

Hello, everyone. I will keep it sweet and short this time again.

But first I do need to apologize. For what? For the appearance this bread pudding. I feel it needs my clarification. Those few black spots are not the burnt spots. That’s the melted dark chocolate! When I was arranging the chocolate pieces, I even didn’t realize the melted chocolate on top won’t look clean and neat. I almost wanted to trash the photos and the entire recipe…but then this pudding. Damn, it was too delicious not to share with you!

I cannot say I am a huge fan of bread pudding, but Jamie Oliver’s YouTube video recipe inspired me to give this one a try! Decadent sweet Italian bread (So good on its own!), rich creamy custard, orange marmalade and dark chocolate? Indeed, Jamie made a panettone bread pudding tart (easy-peasy too!), but I decided to simplify it even more. You can play with the variety of panettone (So many mouth-watering options!). I opted for a simple one with chocolate chips. However, dried fruit, nuts, or even a filling (Like curd) would make this recipe even better.

The Panettone Christmas Pudding turned out scrumptious: soft and puffy, moist, and tender, and so melt-in-your-mouth. The addition of orange marmalade and dark chocolate morsels gives those holiday vibes. I must embarrassingly admit one thing: since Andrey doesn’t like a bread pudding in general (He tried a small piece and approved it, though), I ate the entire thing all by myself. Do you think it lasted long at least? Nope. It disappeared less than in 24 hours. It’s so good as a dessert (With a cup of tea or milk), for your breakfast or brunch (with a cup of coffee). Who am I kidding? It’s so good just with a spoon, straight from the baking pan. I might or might not have eaten a spoon every time I passed the kitchen. Moreover, it’s possible I visited the kitchen more often that day. The stuff, you know.

No judgement here.

And now please make this Panettone Christmas Pudding, grab a spoon, and enjoy. You’ve deserved it!


Panettone Christmas Pudding

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This rich and decadent Panettone Christmas Pudding with bitter orange marmalade and dark chocolate is a perfect way to enjoy your lazy Christmas brunch.



  • 1 store-bought panettone (about 600 gr), roughly cubed or even thorn into large pieces (*See notes)
  • 5 large eggs
  • 300 ml. 18% cream
  • 100 gr. butter + 1 tbsp. for greasing
  • 1 tbsp. light brown sugar (**See notes)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 4-5 tbsp. of orange marmalade (Smooth or with orange peel), divided
  • About 70-100 gr. 70%, dark chocolate, roughly broken into pieces, divided


  1. Grease a large pan (Or two medium pans) with the butter. Arrange the layer of panettone.
  2. Arrange ½ of the orange marmalade and ½ of the cholate chunks in a few spots.
  3. Place the remaining panettone and finish with the marmalade and chocolate (***See notes).
  4. In a medium bowl slightly whisk the eggs with the sugar and vanilla extract, one minute.
  5. In a small saucepan bring the cream to almost a boil and remove from heat.
  6. Now you will need to temper the eggs which means combining the eggs with the hot cream gradually because if you combine everything at once, the eggs will turn cooked. Take a small amount of the hot cream (about ¼ cup or even less) and add it into the eggs, constantly whisking with a whisk. Repeat adding a small amount of the cream 2 or 3 times, then you can safely incorporate the remaining cream. Whisk well.
  7. Pour the egg and cream mixture all over the panettone.
  8. Bake at the preheated to 175-180 degrees C (360 degrees F) oven for about 25-30 minutes or until puffed and golden crust.
  9. Remove from the oven and let it cool a little before serving. Perfect both hot and chilled.
  10. Enjoy!


*While the crust is delicious, I would recommend removing it as it’s already quite brown and not so delicate.

** Original recipe suggested 100 gr. of sugar, but that’s too sweet – anyway, adjust to your taste.

***The chocolate on top will melt and might create the burnt effect. You can avoid this by placing all the chocolate in between two layers of panettone.

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