Blood Oranges, Fennel and Pomegranate Salad


Oh, blood oranges!

If I were a poet, I would write a piece of poetry or better an ode to the blood oranges.

But I am not a poet at all.

I am not an artist or composer as well.

So, let’s hope somebody will do that instead of me, sooner or later. Realy, they (blood oranges deserve that).

In the meanwhile, I can contribute to this in a way I am familiar with – cooking.

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Rose Glazed Cake Donuts


DSCN1386-2I used to say we did not eat donuts.

I wish I could still say the same things.

In fact, just last year I mentioned on Instagram we had donuts only occasionally. Specifically, once in a while (two-three times per year) we stopped by Tim Hortons to grab a few (a few dozens I mean) and once in one or two years I made them at home.

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Chicken, Grapes and Almonds Salad


Hello, World!

I cannot believe this is happening – I mean my first blog post on here. No, I am not a new person in blogging. Indeed, I have over 3 years of blog experience (sounds like a good highlight in a resume!).

If you have not visited the  page “about”, do not worry – I am going to explain. But then visit it please. No kidding. I was struggling to write this so someone has to suffer reading it.

 So, few years ago, living in Russia, I got my first blog (on the blogger platform) which turned out quite a success. Having been working on it for about 3 years, I decided to wrap it up last summer since I had my new life, in Canada, and that did make a sense.

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