Ham, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Walnut Pasta

Ham, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Walnut Pasta (3)

Our family has got a special attitude toward pasta. It has been some kind of a tradition to have a bowl of delish pasta on Fridays or on Saturdays. Or better on Fridays and Saturdays. We used to eat it often, but for the last year and something we’ve decided to cut down on it. If I weren’t so enthusiastic about making desserts, we would be able to have it on Saturdays as well. But as you know, I’m not that guy.

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Brussels Sprouts and Chicken Pasta

DSCN8616Believe me or not, but we love brussels sprouts!

Why am I telling you that? That’s because the peculiar attitude to this gorgeous veggie. I’ve read and heard numerous of times from the folks who generally loved vegetables with the only one exception – brussels sprouts. Moreover, I’ve known people being tolerant to broccoli and cauliflower  (and OMG – to KALE!) but at the same time being almost disgusted with brussels sprouts!

Weird, isn’t it? What’s wrong with that? How did the brussels sprouts get the reputation of the most obnoxious veggie? Am I asking too many questions? I am being curious.

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Blood Orange Crepes


Is it too late to post another blood orange recipe yet?

In our grocery stores we are almost run out of them, but I am kind of hoping you are still having some lovely and succulent oranges. Well, if you don’t find any of them now, promise me it will be the first recipe to try next season. Promise?

Honestly, I was going to post this recipe few weeks back, but I didn’t have a choice but wait. Are you wondering why?

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Dulce de Leche Cake Donuts

DSCN3853 - копия (2)Are you sick and tired of this gloomy weather?

If not, perhaps you are among those fortunate folks living in the warm parts of our World. I know some food bloggers bragging to have over 20-30 degrees C. I am so jealous happy for them!

In a meanwhile, the weather in Ontario sucks. It has been raining for a few days in a row now. It has been raining cats and dogs. Yesterday I got sucking wet. I hear you’re suggesting to grab an umbrella the next time. Thanks folks but that doesn’t work at all. This is Ontario, Toronto, with its prominent notorious winds. Our rain is the way smarter – it’s just happening under a peculiar angle.

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Roasted Beets, Barley and Feta Salad

DSCN6207 It may hard to believe, but we generally eat quite healthy. Most of our meals are salads as the main course. We don’t eat that much meat. We often have poultry, once in a while beef, and almost never pork. We’ve substituted regular bacon for chicken one. 

We eat lots of veggies too.

We don’t eat out basically because it’s difficult to control what do you consume. And because being quite an experienced home chef, it’s extremely difficult to be pleased with the food you are served. We are kind of picky guys.

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Sauteed Tomatoes Polenta


I’ve got to confess. I’ve been having a kick on polenta recently. 

To be honest, my kitchen adventures are about these kicks. It’s kind of balancing out, and usually I lose going ridiculously far. The good example is cake doughnuts which I’ve been baking unstoppably for a few months now.

I guess that means being a passionate person. Yes, I am a very passionate guy!

On the other hand, polenta is definitely not doughnuts. I mean at least it’s a healthier thing to make, without any notorious background. And thus, there is nothing to be embarrassed cooking, eating and posting the pictures of your polenta on the Internet.

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