Beet and Red Cabbage Pickled Eggs

This post originally appeared in March 2015. Initially, there were only beet pickled eggs, so I have updated the recipe, changed the name to Beet and Red Cabbage Pickled Eggs, and uploaded some new pictures. The main text remains the same. I have also tried turmeric cured eggs, and while I did like the vibrant yellow color, I wasn’t impressed with the eggs’ aftertaste, but you might love it – google for the recipe. Continue reading “Beet and Red Cabbage Pickled Eggs”

Easter Nest Cookies


Easter is one of the most solemn and significant holidays with the deepest historical and religious roots. However, besides this context Easter has always been one of the brightest time of a year to me.

Easter is about living up everything around us. Easter is about the anticipation of spring coming after long (in sometimes saviour) winter. Easter is about birds coming home.

Easter is about lovely symbols such as bunnies or even better chocolate bunnies :)

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