Iced Cardamom Coffee

Iced Cardamom Coffee |

You might be thinking I don’t love lavender anymore.

You might have thought I’ve got a new kick. Kick on cardamom. I’ve ditched lavender.

That’s an outrageous offence, my friends! How could you ever have though I don’t love lavender anymore? I still love it, and I’ve been incorporating it my cooking. I’m just juggling around the taken pictures in order to post more relevant, summer recipes, first.

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Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade |

Well, it’s already the end of June, and I feel a bit anxious about the food I cook and recipes I share here. Did you ever have that feeling that the season is almost over, but you haven’t been fully enjoying it yet? To say that summer is over could sound too dramatic, though. But anyway I feel like I could have done much better.

Need the examples? Okay. What is summer about indeed?

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