Blood Oranges, Fennel and Pomegranate Salad

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Oh, blood oranges!

If I were a poet, I would write a piece of poetry or better an ode to the blood oranges.

But I am not a poet at all.

I am not an artist or composer as well.

So, let’s hope somebody will do that instead of me, sooner or later. Realy, they (blood oranges deserve that).

In the meanwhile, I can contribute to this in a way I am familiar with – cooking.


Ironically, until last year I was not paying much attention to them. I did make a lot of salads with oranges, but I had never incorporated a few blood-colored in them. Ridiculous, eh?!

So, that epic event happened last year. Moreover, I was so in love with them that I tried some combos I had a skeptical eye at, for example, roasted beets and blood oranges.

This year I anticipated the season of blood oranges having prepared some ideas and, to be honest, I am absolutely satisfied with my planning. We have tried a number of fabulous salads. Plus, I incorporated them in pancakes and donuts and hopefully I will be able to post the results on here (I have not sorted out the pictures yet and don’t know If I got any decent).


I guess I am about to wrap this season up but, as I mentioned, I am happy with the results. And I have already started planning for the next year. Kidding, though. But I’ve found one recipe for amazing and luscious blood orange bars. Let’s get our fingers crossed!

Anyway, it is still the season happening, and I promise to be posting quite a number of lovely blood orange recipes. Any objections? Good. Proceed!

Today I’ve got a simple but delicious salad. The combo is just amazing one. Let’s count together: blood oranges, fennel, arugula, and hazelnuts. It is so succulent due to orange juice that almost does not require any dressing. Well, some good balsamic never hurts.

Oh, I am getting hungry. Shall I better write the recipe, all right?:)

By the way, today we had another blood oranges and fennel salad, and it was amazing. But this is a story of another blog post. Stay tuned, okay?




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