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I am happy you have stopped by!

My name is Ben. I am a home cook and food photographer trying to be a food blogger too. I have never got any training in cooking as well as in photography, but I’m doing my best!

I was born and most of my life lived in Russia. However, my husband Andrey and I have been living in Canada for the last couple of years, and we are really happy about that.

Why Havoc In The Kitchen?

I am being a bit self-ironic. Or a lot!:) That is my style, in fact. Indeed, this name often refers to a cituation when I am taking pictures and looking for the perfect props (out of MANY I’ve got). Sometimes I end up trying 5 different plates or textiles to get the desired ambiance. Did you know that setting your backstage and then cleaning it might be more strenuous than baking a cake? :)

But even though this name might have a negative connotation for someone, this blog is about fun, love, and delicious meals.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!





Revelations – the serial of posts which will help to understand my personality and me being a cook better:

Part 1. Introduction. Some thoughts on ‘Havoc’ concept

Part 2. How did I start cooking, part 1.

Part 3. I am a disaster-guy.

Part 4. Our love for pasta.

Part 5. I’m addicted! Props in food photography.



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