Plum Sorbet Dessert Soup

Plum Sorbet Dessert Soup |

Being a food blogger, I always appreciate people inspiring me with a topic for another blog post.

When nice people from BloomNation asked me if I could share some thoughts on incorporating flowers in cooking, I hesitated…for 0,8 seconds. Yes, I told you I’ve always been a sluggish guy! If you’re not familiar with this name, I’ll explain. BloomNation is a team of people who’re passionate about flowers! Basically, it’s an online floral market which helps people to surround their lives with beauty through making floral arrangements.

Did you see the connection? I mean, people passionate about flowers. People passionate about food. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful food. These two things work together!

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Peach Cardamom Ice Cream

Peach Cardamom Ice Cream |

In July, I had few posts where I was in the panicky mood because of the summer going too fast. Then, I handled my hysterical mood, and I was enjoying this beautiful period of time. However, I’ve noticed recently more and more food bloggers becoming anxious about the summer.

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